The SmartLOXS EU card is the smart card for foreign EU companies. The EU card has a lot of advantages for the truck driver. By using the EU-Card, waiting times for personal identification at the entrance gates will be reduced. The EU card is the personal electronic identification card. Once you have your own EU card, the time consuming identification processes at the gate and the administration desks of the cargo handlers will be history. For the cargo handler, the entrance process will be more secure and the logistic process will be better controlled.

The EU card is meant for international truck drivers, visiting air cargo handlers at Schiphol Airport more than once a year.

How to order the EU-Card?

Step 1: Company registration

  • surf to https://app.smartloxs.com/company-registration
  • choose menu Company Registration ACN card
  • fill in registration form
  • print and sign registration form
  • print the SmartLOXS EU card General Terms and Conditions form
  • attach Chamber of Commerce registration
  • attach a signed  SmartLOXS EU card General Terms and Conditions form
  • send documents to SmartLOXS BV, EU-card, Jadelaan 113, 2132XZ Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

SmartLOXS will check the information. After acceptance and autorisation by SmartLOXS, SmartLOXS will send a personal username and password per e-mail to the authorised company administrator.

Step 2: Driver registration

  • login with username and password at https://app.smartloxs.com
  • fill in driver registration form New EU-card Registration for every driver
  • after every registration you will receive an confirmation e-mail.

Step 3: Card production

  • the EU-card will be produced by SmartLOXS
  • SmartLOXS will send the produced EU-card(s) to the company administrator post adress.
  • Company administrator activte EU-card(s) in the smartloxs system after handing it over to the employee / driver
  • The card is now ready for use.
  • Every 3 years the card has to be replaced by a new one.


Base Tariffs

New card production and Subscription

EUR 20,- per produced EU-card and subscription for the remaining months of the first year

EUR 20,- per card subscription per year for access to SmartLOXS-EU-sites: KLM-Cargo Schiphol and Menzies World Cargo Schiphol


EUR 10,- per produced card in case of replacement of older card after 3 years (renewal of the card) or lost card replacements


Extra sites: EUR 5,- extra per EU card per year for for entrance autorisation on a extra ACN-EU-site


List of ACN-EU-sites

KLM Cargo, Handelskade 1, Schiphol

Menzies World Cargo, Anchoragelaan 50, Schiphol Zuid-Oost